Inspect what you expect.

Mystery research has unique benefits for improving customer service delivery and retaining of customer base.

It provides management with actual customer experiences, helping companies to keep in touch with what actually happens on the ground when the staff interfaces with customers. 

"Mystery shopping teaches employees to be more focused on service standards."

What will you gain?
  1. Monitoring of employee compliance with procedures in Employee and Customer Service Standards.
  2. Assist management in keeping track of customer care standards and initiatives.
  3. Get timely first hand information regarding service offered to customers when they interact with your brand or establishment.
  4. Develop reward systems for excelling employees.
  5. Follow up on employee training programs.
  6. Reduce churn rate.
  7. Customer retention through improved service delivery. 
  8. Increased sales through repeat business ignited by customer satisfaction.

who are we? 

MTC Marketing Research Solutions LLC, is a market research firm, registered in Boston, Massachusetts, providing quality audits and customer experience tests to clients who require to gain information for; 

  1. Projecting areas of growth in the business.
  2. Providing direct feedback on what needs improving.
  3. Assessing the market environment.
  4. Reducing churn rate.

"As your mystery shopping service provider, we become your professional customer lens and provide unbiased reporting of the experiences with your brand to help your business drive real improvements."

We address significant issues that potentially alienate things that can possibly go wrong to diminish possible concerns and  by application of risk reduction concept.

Our job as marketing research professionals, is to eliminate obstacles and solve specific market problems for our clients with information for decision making on issues such as;  

"Value creation for products and services that produce outcomes for the benefit of the users." 

To identify priority areas of focus as per your businessmarket needs, MTC Marketing Research Solutions can obtain necessary information to meet future focussed business needs obtained from primary research to gain valuable and strategic insights. Secondary resources can also provide your business with top line view of your industry revealing past trends. 

Customer experience tests on the other hand, are a vehicle to company communications and serve as a tool to company tactical understanding of employee performance and customer experiences with the brand.

Locations: Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America