Why should your business have a mystery shopping program in place?

Mystery Shopping is an excellent tool for providing direct feedback on what needs improvement and serves as a precursor of, how your set standards correlate to the actual customer satisfaction index aspired by your business. Mystery Shopping is also a very useful exercise for assessing developed customer service Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

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When you pay attention and listen to people who use your services with a mystery shopping program, you will get first hand feedback that measures your customer's experiences with your brand.  

When you listen, you can get plenty of good information about their perception of service levels.

Their satisfaction is the true measure of your success in repeat business and customer retention.

When competition is included in a mystery shopping program, the reports can also provide an understanding of how your service performance compares to other leading brands basing on set measurement criteria.


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Are customer facing employees carrying out the key performance indicators (KPIs) in place for service delivery? 

MTC Marketing Research Solutions specialises in helping organisations gather feedback from customers and one technique we use is called Mystery shopping. 

A more appropriate mystery shopping program is set up and timed to suit your organization’s needs including budget and schedule. Setting up the program is simple and inexpensive.

It is from the collective feedback by the mystery shoppers, that your business, would learn about areas that require improvements.

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